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Caleruega Church Wedding

Good Reviews and Photos of Caleruega Church

We went to Caleruega Church few days ago to sponsor the wedding of a niece. This church as shown in the wedding invitation is located at Brgy. Kaylaway, Nasugbo Batangas, Philippines. I am not familiar with the place even if I frequently visit the famous beaches in Nasugbo, so I googled to know more of the place and based on the write-ups I saw in the net, I learned that this has become a dream wedding place for many couples. Furthermore, the photos I saw are very impressive.

I provided here two photos of the church which I myself took. These photos showed how Caleruega church looks from outside.
The Road Map to Caleruega Church
Stopover Photo at Leslie’s View Deck
Stopover Photo at Leslie’s View Deck
Travel Time and Experience in Going To Caleruega Church

Based on the information given by the groom, it will take us around two hours to reach the Caleruega church, and it is just some few distance drive from Tagaytay City which is a very familiar place to me. So as to give my family and some relatives some time for eating and enjoying the captivating view of Taal Lake view in Tagaytay before we finally go to the exact venue for the 3:00 PM wedding, we left our home as early as 11:00 am.

At exactly 12:00 noon we were already at the heart of Tagaytay, so we stopped to eat at Leslie’s Restaurant. After eating we took time to visit the view deck of the restaurant so we could enjoy the Taal Lake more and the cool breeze as well as to have some souvenir photos as well. Before 2:00 PM we left Leslies Restaurant to resume our travel to the wedding venue.

With help of the road map provided in the wedding invitation, we traveled our way to Caleruega Church. As soon as we saw Royale Tagaytay,, we knew that we were already about to exit Tagaytay to enter the town of Nasugbo. The first landmarks are the arch of “Welcome Nasugbo” and Petron station so as we saw them, we knew we were on the right tract. Some short drive after, we finally saw the HillCaleruega sign on the right side of road where we turned left as shown in the given road map. Then we proceeded to locate the exact place. Along the road we saw the Chapel on the Hill on the left side which made us quite confused. We thought this was the Caleruega church but as it looked different from the photos we saw in the net, I went on driving till we reached the end of the road with a road sign “Caleruega Retreat Center, then rightward is a downside rough road. Again, we were confused and were just asking each other “where is the Caleruega church?”. So, we decided to stop and made a call to the groom to ask help.

Fortunately, the groom confirmed that we were not actually lost. We were on the right tract. As instructed by the groom we had to just pursue the rough, non-cemented, worn-out road which is not really short and to me it was killing the excitement because it felt like the road would wreck my new wheels. Nevertheless the Hillcrest Golf Course on the right side of the bad road provided a relaxing view so we were somewhat relieved until we finally reached the place.
Getting A Parking Space Dilemma

As we reached the exact location we looked for the entrance where our car could enter and park properly but there was no such gateway. We saw only a stiff stairway to the church for the guests who want to walk up their way right from that entrance. The church is built on a high ground so we wanted to just enter through a gate to avoid walking up that stairs so we went on driving downward to find the entrance.

As we reached the end of the road we saw a gate and it was written on the gate the following notice : “Limited Free Parking Space only”. It was still around 40 minutes before 3:00 PM and it was Monday so we knew we could avail of the limited free parking but the guard upon asking us what is the purpose of our visit told us that we can opt also for a free parking near the gate leading to the church itself. So we drove back near the entrance of the church hoping to find a gateway to the parking this time around but there was none. After getting so confused as what parking space that guard was telling us, we finally came up to the right conclusion that the parking space was the side of the road itself. Thinking it was not safe to park just on the side of the road we drove back to the guard who did not even recognized us and asked us again the purpose of our visit and told us again we could park near the church entrance but we told him we prefer to avail of the free parking inside and he let us in.
Part of the Well-Manicured Caleruega Retreat Center
Colorful flowers surrounding the church
Colorful flowers surrounding the church
Stepping up and posing for photo
Stepping up and posing for photo
The Beautiful Setting of the Caleruega Retreat Center

As soon as we were allowed entry to the gate, we discovered that Caleruega church is just a part of the entire vastness of Caleruega Retreat Center. The Retreat Center as a whole is nice.

As we entered the area, we thought the big building fronting the parking space was already the church but we were told it is the Cenaculum. The surroundings is a beautiful landscape. There are trees and plants all around. It was like a well-manicured forest. The trees and plants are in right places and there were sitting benches under the trees and some chairs and tables inside open reception halls where guests can sit around to rest. There were also tropical flowers around that made the garden lively and colorful.

We were not able to go around more even if we would have wanted to see more of the beauty of the entire place because we were also excited to meet the other members of the entourage that were already in the church so we all walked our way leading to the church after a short tour around the Cenaculum .

It was a very tiring upward walk from the parking lot to the church which was built in the highest level of the retreat center ground. It was actually climbing a hill that we did. The only difference is we could see lovely backdrop as we were all catching our breath. The ladies who were in their high heels regretted and wished they had worn slippers first. At any rate, we decided not to rush to avoid tiring ourselves too much. So from time to time we had to stop to breath and enjoy the beauty of the scenery around us. It was then that we realized the guard was right when he told us to just park near the entrance. The stiff stairway is far easier than the long upward walk we had. At any rate, at least we saw more of the beauty of the Retreat Center so that was something that console us apart from the fact that our car was parked in a safer place.

Indeed, the ladies who were in their high heels really suffered more but we were all relieved as we finally reached the front of the church. To beat our weariness we just laughed off that tiring experience and then we took some souvenir photos among the lovely flowers and plants

7 of the Best Wedding Chapels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For many years, Gatlinburg has been a premier site for destination weddings with its array of chapels dotting the hills in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Rustic, intimate settings are what draws folks to this Appalachian Mountains paradise.

For more than half a century, Gatlinburg and its sister cities of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville have helped betrothed pairs to plan their weddings. Sadly, too many of the area’s beautiful wedding sites were destroyed with the 2016 fires but fortunately, all was not lost.

Below are the best Gatlinburg wedding chapels which remained untouched by the devestating fires and continue to offer memorable wedding services – from venue only bookings to elaborate customized weddings, to couples from all parts of the world.
Chapel in the Glen
Chapel in the Glen | Source
1. Chapel in the Glen

A primitive cabin sits hidden among the woodlands just outside the majestic park is known as Chapel in the Glen, the perfect venue for couples who like a rustic feel with its simple wood benches and rock-wall alter.

In addition to the chapel, couples also have the choice of holding their ceremony in the garden gazebo area. Both venues are included in the wedding package choices which range from the very simple to the quite elaborate.


$245 – $1,599 (10 choices)


If > than 30 days, full refund less $100 service charge.


Chapel in the Glen

412 Glades Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Telephone: 1+ (800) 537-1505

Website: www.chapelwedding.com
Little Log Wedding Chapel
Little Log Wedding Chapel | Source
2. Little Log Wedding Chapel

Tucked away in the Smoky Mountains Arts and Crafts Village is the Little Log Wedding Chapel. Sitting on multiple acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and pond. The chapel is far enough away from the busy streets of Gatlinburg to be quiet and intimate but not so far guests will have difficulty finding the venue.

Little Log Wedding Chapel offers numerous wedding ceremony packages, complete with a professional photographer; from a simple, affordable elopement to a majestic fantasy package.

A. E. Housman’s “Bredon Hill”


The importance of the sound of a bell, especially the church bell, is dramatized in Housman’s “Bredon Hill.”

Bredon Hill is located in Worcestershire, England, where the poet A. E. Housman was born. Housman’s “Bredon Hill” from A Shropshire Lad features a sad story about a lover who lost his sweetheart.

The poem consists of seven stanzas, each with the rime scheme, ABCBB. The theme of lost love is dramatized through the symbolic sound of church bells.

First Stanza: “In summertime on Bredon”
In the first stanza, the speaker begins his narrative by announcing, “In summertime on Bredon / The bells they sound so clear.” The speaker then reports that on a Sunday morning from this location one can hear the beautiful chiming of bells emanating from churches “in steeples far and near” from the neighboring counties. The speaker then declares that the sound is “[a] happy noise to hear.”

Second Stanza: “Here of a Sunday morning”
The speaker adds to the scene by placing himself and his “love” within it. The two lovers would climb the hill, from where they could view the neighboring counties, whose colors shone brightly with their fields growing in the summer sun. They could also hear “larks so high / About us in the sky.”

Third Stanza: “The bells would ring to call her”
The speaker reports that the church bell seemed to be calling him and his sweetheart and all “good people” to come and attend service, “come and pray.” But his sweetheart preferred to remain with him on Bredon Hill.

Fourth Stanza: “And I would turn and answer”
The speaker then addresses the church bells telling them that when they ring for the couple’s wedding, they will “come to church in time.” He is implying that until then they will prefer to spend their time together enjoying the company of each other, while they happily listen to the bells from afar.

Fifth Stanza: “But when the snows at Christmas”
The cheerful times of summer give way to winter sorrow. The man’s sweetheart “stole out unbeknown / And went to church alone.” At an early age, the young woman suddenly dies, and instead of attending her wedding, others will be attending her funeral. When the “snows at Christmas” covered Bredon Hill, grief blanketed the heart of the speaker.

Sixth Stanza: “They tolled the one bell only”
Instead of the merry bells that the couple had enjoyed during the summer, only “one bell” now tolls for the departed lover. He would not be attending a church service as a groom but as a mourner along with the other mourners.

Seventh Stanza: “The bells they sound on Bredon”
Sometime after the death and burial of his sweetheart, the speaker still hears “steeples hum” as “the bells [ ] sound on Bredon.” The bells still announce their summons for all “good people” to come to service.

But instead of the happy tone that filled the speaker when he heard them with his sweetheart, they merely sound like “noisy bells” to him now, and he bids them “be dumb.” But he, nevertheless, accepts their reminder and determines that he will go to church, for now he has no companion, save the Divine, with whom to enjoy the bell sounds.

Getting Hitched ~ Funny Story of a Wedding Journey in 1918 with Pictures

The “Getting Hitched” meaning in this story refers to Holy Matrimony and the marriage of my husband’s maternal grandparents. But horses and buggies also play a vital part in this hand-written rendition of their wedding journey and the problems that they encountered with their “Old Henry Ford” also referred to in those days of 1918 as “Tin Lizzies.”

Recently I have been going through some collections of old photographs and other memorabilia that have been saved throughout the years dating back several generations.

In so doing, I have run across some wonderful and heartwarming discoveries.

Eventually my goal is to have almost everything put into photo albums or scrapbooks with names and places (if known) and some sense of order as to dates and times.

Let this story begin…

Model T car with my husband’s grandparents plus another person.
This might have been a car similar to the one mentioned in this story.
This might have been a car similar to the one mentioned in this story. | Source
Old family photos dating back to early 1918 and before.
The book in which notations were made of their wedding journey.
The book in which notations were made of their wedding journey. | Source
My husband’s maternal grandfather as a young man
My husband’s maternal grandfather as a young man | Source
My husband’s maternal grandmother as a young woman.
My husband’s maternal grandmother as a young woman. | Source
Another photo of my husband’s grandmother.
Another photo of my husband’s grandmother. | Source
My husband’s grandparents
My husband’s grandparents | Source
My husband’s grandparents
My husband’s grandparents | Source
Our Wedding Book

This delightful discovery although not in the best of shape was none-the-less fun to see and read.

Notations were made inside this little booklet of the date and location of my husband’s grandparent’s wedding as well as who officiated and who witnessed the event.

They were united in Holy Matrimony in Oskaloosa, Iowa in the year 1918.

Most of the pages inside the covers of this booklet were left blank.

Not filled in were categories such as the following:


Announcement Cards

Newspaper Clippings and Cards

At Home

Wedding Cards




Fortunately for us, the part about “Our Wedding Journey” was filled in and I’ll simply let the tale begin as it was hand written those many years ago.

Our Wedding Journey

“Leaving Lynnville at 8 O’Clock we proceeded on our way to the house of C.H. Merediths.

Arriving there we left our car and in company with Nellis and Clifford we started on our journey to Oskaloosa.

Everything went well until we reached the first big hill.

This half Old Henry Ford absolutely refused to climb without the aid of some heavy pushing.

After an hour of pushing, puffing, and sweating we finally made the hill.

We all piled in and once more started on our journey.

After driving about one mile and a half we came to a hill that was so very muddy that it was impossible to climb it.

While the boys went for a team the girls walked into Taintor.

The boys finally succeeded in getting the car out with the aid of a team. Reaching Taintor just at dark once more we loaded in the Ladies.

After talking over our troubles and tribulations and since the roads were so very bad we decided to make a desperate effort to catch the train at New Sharon bound for Oskaloosa.

On reaching New Sharon our hearts sank within us just as we reached the depot we saw the tail end of the train leaving.

After having another talk we started on our journey once more.

As it was freezing we made our way to Oskaloosa without further mishap.

At nine O’clock the knot was tied then followed dinner given by our Aunt.

After 11 O’clock we started on our homeward journey.

It was very rough but we made it safely reaching the home of Clifford Merediths about one O’clock where we stayed until the next afternoon.

Then we started home in our car about 1/2 mile from their place.

We had a blow out.

Clifford and Nellis came along in a buggy.

Clifford and the bride changed places. The girls going on in the buggy.

The boys finally got the car fixed and started.

All went well until close to Bartows where they got stuck in the mud.

The team and wagon were close at hand so it didn’t take very long to get started again.

Important factor while Decorating an Outdoor Wedding

This is the important factor through which you can make unique and best wedding planning. Given below are some important tips for making wonderful outdoor wedding planning. The wedding place can be a beach, park and hill. the bright stars, the soothing breeze or the green surroundings; the beauty of nature is superb without any extra decorations.
When you are thinking outdoor wedding planning then several things you should have to need to keep in mind like weather, wedding venue, seating arrangement and lighting. This is the important factor through which you can make unique and best wedding planning. Given below are some important tips for making wonderful outdoor wedding planning.

Weather : Weather is the one of the most important factor of outdoor wedding because if weather will be bad on the occasion of wedding day then it will be vary bed. You never know when it could rain or snow – weather can play spoilsport and ruin all your wedding decorations. So an outdoor wedding needs to be planned in perfect season so that all guests of your feel happy and also you need to take all the precautions to protect the weddings location from rough weather. For instance, if your marriage date is set during the monsoon and the day is cloudy, you can have the ceremony outdoors, and the reception indoors.

Venue for wedding : Another important part of outdoor wedding is the right venue and it should be according number of guest list. Suppose you are planning wedding in park, you need to make sure the venue is not too small or even too many your guest list. While hunting options for a destination wedding venue, the sky is the limit. The wedding place can be a beach, park and hill.

Arrangement for seating : You have to pay more attention for seating arrangement. You should have to bring number of chair according guest and also take care abut table decoration so that guest will feel be relax for taking meal.

Perfect Lighting : Lighting is the important factor for destination wedding. You obviously don’t want to get married in the sun light, nor do you want to walk the aisle in darkness where you can almost not see each other’s faces. In case if you don’t want to invest much money then you can use temporary shelters, which are not only protective but also decorative.

Accessories and Add-ons : Some of the important thing which is necessary you should have like Too many flowers, too much flowing material might ruin the effect. Pick up elegant and trouble-free furniture that will blend in with the surroundings.

In outdoor wedding, natural thing is very useful for making memorable wedding like moonlight, the bright starsBusiness Management Articles, the soothing breeze or the green surroundings; the beauty of nature is superb without any extra decorations.

Avoiding Mistakes – Wedding Photography

After the proposing, crying and telling everyone about the future wedding, the next practical thing to do is to look for the perfect wedding gown / wedding tux, booking the best venue, selecting the nicest menu and wedding cake and, of course, hiring the right wedding photographer for you. Most likely, it would be your first time to look for a wedding photographer and to hire one.
It is very much possible for you to be overwhelmed and intimidated with all the talks about the packages, pricing, contracts, styles, shoots and many more. It is not an easy job to look for the right wedding photographer. To help you, here are some of the mistakes you might make.

One of the mistakes you should not make is over-looking a wedding photographer’s personality. Do not let yourself get distracted by the skills and good works of the wedding photographer. His/her great techniques and skills are just important as his/her personality. Do not hire a wedding photographer whose personality you dislike. You will be spending time with him/her before and on the day of the wedding day so it is important that your personality and your wedding photographer’s personality do not repel each other. Follow you gut feelings and hire the wedding photographer you can trust and have fun with. The best photo would not be that special if the experience in getting that photo was nasty.

Second, do not expect to have plenty of breath taking shots from an amateur wedding photographer. Amateur wedding photographer may be capable of getting good shots but they are not capable of being consistent with it. If you want every photo in your wedding album to be breath taking, hire a professional wedding photographer. Do not risk one of the most important and memorable days you would ever have by letting an amateur wedding photographer with a cheap fee, expensive equipments and zero experience in shooting weddings.

Lastly, remember that photography means more than the product. If you have a tight budget to follow, do not invest your money on a pretty and expensive wedding album. It would be a better idea to invest your money on hiring a professional wedding photographer instead.

If you would use you money to have the prettiest wedding album and settle for an amateur wedding photographer, you would end up having a very pretty wedding album which contains mediocre or bad photos. The wedding photos are more important than the wedding album’s look. It would be your wedding photos that would be holding and portraying the emotions and memories from your wedding day. BesidesFree Reprint Articles, you can make a not-so-good wedding album look pretty just by being creative and resourceful.

Wedding Name Change Options

A Woman has several options available to her once she marries. Will she take on her husbands name? Keep her maiden name? Perhaps she’ll add his last name to her own name with a hyphen separating the two. Although it seems quite confusing and complex, it really isn’t. Read up on your name change options and decide for yourself.

o If the Wife Decides to Take Her Husband’s Surname (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Hill after she marries John Hill). This is a traditional routine embraced by couples globally. Nevertheless, many women prefer to break the tradition of adopting a mans last name, as they find it sexist. Others enjoy having their families share the same surname. If the wife decides to change her name, she must change her name on all legal documents including: drivers license, passport, utilities, and credit cards.

o Wife Decides to Hyphenate The Two Surnames (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Jones-Hill). This option preserves the woman’s surname, while adding the husband’s last name. It’s very important that the wife always use the hyphenated name. If there are children involved, they too can adopt hyphenated names or keep their own.

o Wife Decides to Use Given Birth Name as Her Middle Name (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Jones Hill, without any hyphenation. What’s the difference, you ask? Some people find the hyphenation awkward. This way, the maiden name is preserved, but the husbands last name can be added.

o Wife Decides to Keep Her Maiden Name (Nancy Jones remains Nancy Jones). Although this can lead people to believe you are not married, many women prefer to utilize this option. If a woman has been called “Nancy Jones,” her whole life-she may fear change and loss of her own identity. People who call Nancy Hill, unless corrected. Remind these people you are “Nancy Jones” wife of John Hill. Others think of “Mrs. Hill,” as a title and are not offended by the easily made mistake. Others still associate their name with their identity and become annoyed by the commonly made mistake.

o Wife Decides to Take Her Husband’s Name Socially, Yet Keeps Own Surname Professionally (Nancy Jones is Nancy Jones on a professional level, but when she comes home from the office, she’s Nancy Hill) This is a very popular option for a professional woman with a reputation. She can utilize the single surnames for whatever occasion. For instance, if Nancy Smith is a doctor, she will be known as Dr. Smith forever. Meanwhile, she may be known as Mrs. Hill by her children’s teachers.

Black Hills Gold Wedding Ring – A Buying Guide

A Guide to Everything That You Need To Know

There are many different band styles of the Black Hills gold wedding ring that you have to choose from, and so before you go ahead and choose just any Black Hills gold wedding ring for your partner, you are going to want to make sure that you are well aware of all the different styles.

One of the most popular styles is that of the engraved wedding band, and this means that you can have basically whatever you want written on the inside – or outside, if you wish – of the ring. This is a really special thing, because you can think up something really great that will mean a lot to both you and your partner and have it written on the ring.

As well, there is the double band style, which is basically a double banded wedding ring that is hooked together either at the front or the back with some sort of design, and typically these are much thicker wedding rings, and are generally worn by men, however there are some beautiful designs for the women as well.

Then there is also the engagement and wedding ring pair style, which is when there is both an engagement and wedding ring and they fit perfectly together, sort of like puzzle pieces. This is another incredibly popular option, especially in regards to the women, because then they can show off both their engagement and wedding ring, but it is basically a single ring rather than two and so you do not have to worry about one or the other slipping off on you.

There are so many more styles to choose from as well, and so you really want to make sure that you take some time and put in some effort beforehand, so that you can choose the style that is going to work best for your partner overall.

Unique Wedding Venues in Nevada

A large number of brides and grooms seek out unusual places to marry so as to enhance the memories of their special occasion. Northern Nevada offers many such places that are out of the ordinary, but three in particular markedly standout in comparison. Gold Hill Hotel, Saint Mary in the Mountains, and the Orchard House provide a visibly novel setting with each having its own captivating historical origins, giving the couple a matchless experience on a very special day in their life.

Gold Hill Hotel

This ancient hotel dates back to the boom days of Virginia City that began with the Comstock Lode silver strike of 1859. Gold Hill was amidst a great gold discovery and the hotel was quite important during the bustling mining days, especially at the height of the Big Bonanza strike in the 1870’s, which was the peak of silver ore extraction that is commonly referred to as the Mother Lode.

The Gold Hill Hotel is situated off of State Route 342 just south of Virginia City overlooking Gold Canyon. The construction of the hotel occurred around 1859, and though portions of the building had decayed over the years, those sections have been fully restored.

One of several different wedding venues within the hotel is the Great Room. The Great Room is very appealing and consists of furniture characteristic of the Victorian era, salient wooden floors, an attractive fireplace, and an aged winding staircase that makes for a grandiose entrance for the bride. When the ceremony is completed, the Great Room converts to the reception hall for toasting and dancing.

The hotel also has a second outdoor wedding venue option available. The Gazebo, which is located next to the Brewery Lodge, is just a short jaunt away from the hotel. It is an attractive setting composed of scenic landscaping with picturesque views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The Gazebo location functions as a ceremonial site as well as a reception area and is able to accommodate considerably sizeable parties.

St. Mary in the Mountains

Along the hillsides of Mount Davidson in the legendary ghost town of Virginia City lies the oldest Catholic Church in Nevada and one of the most beautiful structures imaginable able to host a wedding. The church was built in 1876 upon the ruins of the earlier church structure that was destroyed by the “Great Fire” in 1875.

This magnificent cathedral is truly remarkable with its 140 foot spire, Gothic style interior that’s evidenced by the pointed doorway arches and windows, choir loft and galleries, a large beautiful alter, and a 2,264 pound church bell. The bell was part of the former church but survived the catastrophic fire of Virginia City and actually rang for the first time in 1870, the year the original building opened for service.

Although it’s over a century old, this beguiling church still radiates great beauty. With exceptional exquisiteness and located within a town that embraces an extraordinarily enriching history of the “Old West”, St. Mary in the Mountains offers an inviting setting for a wonderfully sanctified wedding experience.

Orchard House

Located at the base of the Sierras in Genoa is the Orchard House, a Bed and Breakfast facility situated within the heart of Nevada’s oldest settlement. The town of Genoa is a quaint and sparsely populated town whose origins date back to 1855 during the “Territorial” days of Nevada. Originally, the area was one that explorers would merely pass through, but when a trading post was erected in 1851 it soon became a permanent settlement.

The Orchard House devotes several acres of garden and lawn area for ceremonies and receptions. Fruit trees a century old lining the property along with the appealing open garden and lovely landscaping provide a serene setting for most any special occasion. Because of the wide open space of this venue that’s dedicated mainly to weddings, it not only allows for sizeable parties of up to 400 guests, but also for a horse and carriage to cart in the bride and groom if they wish to make a grand entrance.

Destination and adventure weddings are alluring to many couples and are often sought after by brides and grooms looking to wed in a somewhat nontraditional way. Wedding venues of an unusual nature or those that have rousing historical backgrounds are equally favored as well. Because Nevada has a history rich in “Old West” traditions and contains an abundance of intriguing western settlements established in the 1800’s, there are many desirable places for couples to choose from when seeking the extraordinary. Gold Hill Hotel, Orchard House, and St. Mary in the Mountains are only a few of what Nevada has to offer, but are without question three sites that will meet your every expectation if desiring a unique setting and wedding day experience.