A Woman has several options available to her once she marries. Will she take on her husbands name? Keep her maiden name? Perhaps she’ll add his last name to her own name with a hyphen separating the two. Although it seems quite confusing and complex, it really isn’t. Read up on your name change options and decide for yourself.

o If the Wife Decides to Take Her Husband’s Surname (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Hill after she marries John Hill). This is a traditional routine embraced by couples globally. Nevertheless, many women prefer to break the tradition of adopting a mans last name, as they find it sexist. Others enjoy having their families share the same surname. If the wife decides to change her name, she must change her name on all legal documents including: drivers license, passport, utilities, and credit cards.

o Wife Decides to Hyphenate The Two Surnames (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Jones-Hill). This option preserves the woman’s surname, while adding the husband’s last name. It’s very important that the wife always use the hyphenated name. If there are children involved, they too can adopt hyphenated names or keep their own.

o Wife Decides to Use Given Birth Name as Her Middle Name (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Jones Hill, without any hyphenation. What’s the difference, you ask? Some people find the hyphenation awkward. This way, the maiden name is preserved, but the husbands last name can be added.

o Wife Decides to Keep Her Maiden Name (Nancy Jones remains Nancy Jones). Although this can lead people to believe you are not married, many women prefer to utilize this option. If a woman has been called “Nancy Jones,” her whole life-she may fear change and loss of her own identity. People who call Nancy Hill, unless corrected. Remind these people you are “Nancy Jones” wife of John Hill. Others think of “Mrs. Hill,” as a title and are not offended by the easily made mistake. Others still associate their name with their identity and become annoyed by the commonly made mistake.

o Wife Decides to Take Her Husband’s Name Socially, Yet Keeps Own Surname Professionally (Nancy Jones is Nancy Jones on a professional level, but when she comes home from the office, she’s Nancy Hill) This is a very popular option for a professional woman with a reputation. She can utilize the single surnames for whatever occasion. For instance, if Nancy Smith is a doctor, she will be known as Dr. Smith forever. Meanwhile, she may be known as Mrs. Hill by her children’s teachers.

A Guide to Everything That You Need To Know

There are many different band styles of the Black Hills gold wedding ring that you have to choose from, and so before you go ahead and choose just any Black Hills gold wedding ring for your partner, you are going to want to make sure that you are well aware of all the different styles.

One of the most popular styles is that of the engraved wedding band, and this means that you can have basically whatever you want written on the inside – or outside, if you wish – of the ring. This is a really special thing, because you can think up something really great that will mean a lot to both you and your partner and have it written on the ring.

As well, there is the double band style, which is basically a double banded wedding ring that is hooked together either at the front or the back with some sort of design, and typically these are much thicker wedding rings, and are generally worn by men, however there are some beautiful designs for the women as well.

Then there is also the engagement and wedding ring pair style, which is when there is both an engagement and wedding ring and they fit perfectly together, sort of like puzzle pieces. This is another incredibly popular option, especially in regards to the women, because then they can show off both their engagement and wedding ring, but it is basically a single ring rather than two and so you do not have to worry about one or the other slipping off on you.

There are so many more styles to choose from as well, and so you really want to make sure that you take some time and put in some effort beforehand, so that you can choose the style that is going to work best for your partner overall.

A large number of brides and grooms seek out unusual places to marry so as to enhance the memories of their special occasion. Northern Nevada offers many such places that are out of the ordinary, but three in particular markedly standout in comparison. Gold Hill Hotel, Saint Mary in the Mountains, and the Orchard House provide a visibly novel setting with each having its own captivating historical origins, giving the couple a matchless experience on a very special day in their life.

Gold Hill Hotel

This ancient hotel dates back to the boom days of Virginia City that began with the Comstock Lode silver strike of 1859. Gold Hill was amidst a great gold discovery and the hotel was quite important during the bustling mining days, especially at the height of the Big Bonanza strike in the 1870’s, which was the peak of silver ore extraction that is commonly referred to as the Mother Lode.

The Gold Hill Hotel is situated off of State Route 342 just south of Virginia City overlooking Gold Canyon. The construction of the hotel occurred around 1859, and though portions of the building had decayed over the years, those sections have been fully restored.

One of several different wedding venues within the hotel is the Great Room. The Great Room is very appealing and consists of furniture characteristic of the Victorian era, salient wooden floors, an attractive fireplace, and an aged winding staircase that makes for a grandiose entrance for the bride. When the ceremony is completed, the Great Room converts to the reception hall for toasting and dancing.

The hotel also has a second outdoor wedding venue option available. The Gazebo, which is located next to the Brewery Lodge, is just a short jaunt away from the hotel. It is an attractive setting composed of scenic landscaping with picturesque views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The Gazebo location functions as a ceremonial site as well as a reception area and is able to accommodate considerably sizeable parties.

St. Mary in the Mountains

Along the hillsides of Mount Davidson in the legendary ghost town of Virginia City lies the oldest Catholic Church in Nevada and one of the most beautiful structures imaginable able to host a wedding. The church was built in 1876 upon the ruins of the earlier church structure that was destroyed by the “Great Fire” in 1875.

This magnificent cathedral is truly remarkable with its 140 foot spire, Gothic style interior that’s evidenced by the pointed doorway arches and windows, choir loft and galleries, a large beautiful alter, and a 2,264 pound church bell. The bell was part of the former church but survived the catastrophic fire of Virginia City and actually rang for the first time in 1870, the year the original building opened for service.

Although it’s over a century old, this beguiling church still radiates great beauty. With exceptional exquisiteness and located within a town that embraces an extraordinarily enriching history of the “Old West”, St. Mary in the Mountains offers an inviting setting for a wonderfully sanctified wedding experience.

Orchard House

Located at the base of the Sierras in Genoa is the Orchard House, a Bed and Breakfast facility situated within the heart of Nevada’s oldest settlement. The town of Genoa is a quaint and sparsely populated town whose origins date back to 1855 during the “Territorial” days of Nevada. Originally, the area was one that explorers would merely pass through, but when a trading post was erected in 1851 it soon became a permanent settlement.

The Orchard House devotes several acres of garden and lawn area for ceremonies and receptions. Fruit trees a century old lining the property along with the appealing open garden and lovely landscaping provide a serene setting for most any special occasion. Because of the wide open space of this venue that’s dedicated mainly to weddings, it not only allows for sizeable parties of up to 400 guests, but also for a horse and carriage to cart in the bride and groom if they wish to make a grand entrance.

Destination and adventure weddings are alluring to many couples and are often sought after by brides and grooms looking to wed in a somewhat nontraditional way. Wedding venues of an unusual nature or those that have rousing historical backgrounds are equally favored as well. Because Nevada has a history rich in “Old West” traditions and contains an abundance of intriguing western settlements established in the 1800’s, there are many desirable places for couples to choose from when seeking the extraordinary. Gold Hill Hotel, Orchard House, and St. Mary in the Mountains are only a few of what Nevada has to offer, but are without question three sites that will meet your every expectation if desiring a unique setting and wedding day experience.

Finding the perfect dress is a huge part of a bride’s wedding plan. But the vast sea of dress stores and couture boutiques can be daunting. For the organized bride, a game plan must be constructed to save time, stress and money. Here are some tips to finding the perfect dress with minimum time wasted.

1. Think ahead. This can be in terms of the type of ceremony you will be having, the number of guests and will consider any seasonal or weight constraints. For example, will the wedding have a theme? Be formal/informal? Traditional? And how far away is the date?

2. Be prepared. Take a few weeks or so to look over bridal couture magazines in your spare time to narrow down what it is you really like. Bookmark anything that really catches your attention and perhaps bring it to any stores you may visit to find something similar. Also consider your shape and personal style. Would you look good in this style and does it speak for your personality?

3. Keep a clear head. At least for the first few visits, go alone to any dress stores or appointments you may have. After all it is your wedding day and although your close friends and family’s opinions are perhaps important to you, there may be too much contradiction and confusion if everyone has their own advice for you.

4. Ask around about good stores to visit. Word of mouth is the best way to find good service as it is the most honest marketing coming straight from the consumer. If you don’t know anyone who is already married, consider your price range and do a bit of online research on stores and boutiques in your city that fit your budget.

5. In terms of the fitting go to someone you trust or who is reputable either in your town or with your friends. Store owners can be pushy so be wary if something doesn’t feel right. You will know when you have found the perfect dress and a hard sales technique should not persuade you otherwise.

6. Don’t make the dress far smaller than you are in the hopes of achieving your goal wedding weight. Hopefully any weight you want to target will happen but to be on the safe side, give yourself room to breathe! Material can always be taken away but cannot be created once you have your dress.

How special does your wedding gown have to be? What an exciting thing to shop for! You and your wedding gown is the centerpiece of the entire wedding. This is the dress that you are going to shine in. All of your guests and your husband to be are going to be breath taken from looking at how gorgeous you look in your special dress.

You have to make sure that your dress is the right fit and cut for your body. If you are a curvier woman then you are going to need a more fitted dress that shows off your curves. Corseted dresses look great on most everyone. There are many different styles that you can get with a corseted dress. You can have strapless, cap sleeves, long sleeves, beaded and more styles.

If you are a straighter figured woman then you might like a loose fitting gown with a long train. This will have you looking like a beautiful goddess walking down the aisle with a long flowing gown that moves as you walk.

The gown part of the dress can come larger or smaller. Maybe you would like a fluffy princess dress with many billowy layers, or how about a thicker material with rose pinches keeping it up in the front. There are so many different looks you can choose from as well as different designers and professional wedding assistants who will dress you to impress everyone.

The color of your dress should look gorgeous with your skin. If you have a warmer toned skin you probably won’t look that great in a bright white dress. Cooler skin tones look beautiful in white. Warmer skin tones need an off white, crème or even egg shell white. Neutral skin tones have their own color vibrancies too. That is why it is important to shop with an expert that knows skin tones to make sure that you are going to glow like a star.

The veil is going to have to compliment your dress. If you have a giant flowing dress you might want to get a smaller veil to put on which will give all the attention to the dress. If you have a straighter dress then it might look better with a more detailed veil.

There are so many different things that you can do for your one special day. Of course there are so many looks that are going to look great on you but when you have been shopping for long enough you will find that special one. And you will just know.

As it is a once in a lifetime milestone, every girl dreams of the perfect wedding. Much time and effort is invested by the bride and groom booking a great venue, hiring the best caterer, looking for the most gorgeous dresses and finding the expert in wedding photography.

What newlywed couples expect from their chosen wedding photographer are stunning pictures that they can show off to their friends, relatives and even their would-be grandchildren. Great rapport between the photographer and the couple should be perfectly choreographed like a dance. This is because most beautiful wedding pictures do not only come out from the creativity and technical expertise of the photographer. Quality results depend on the matching of the photographer and his subjects.

The venue matters less when it comes to taking pictures. With ample preparation on the part of the bride and groom, wedding photography can be enhanced. Following are some tips for stunning wedding pictures.

Look for the right wedding photographer that specializes in the kind of photography you and your groom prefer. Ask yourselves which do you like best, traditional, modern or creative? Chances of frustration with the final output will be significantly reduced if both of you can exactly define the type of photography that you want for your wedding photos. Discuss your ideas with the person who will take your photos so that both parties will know what to expect from each other.

Sit down with your groom and list those essential shots that you and your groom cannot do without. Do not try to get as many shots as you can with various family members and friends right after the wedding ceremony. It creates the hassle of gathering everyone around. Just get a few shots with your family, the groom’s family, and then a couple of shots with your friends. This way, the photographer will have more free time to take other shots.

Be aware of situations you cannot control. It could be a bad weather, tardiness or any other situations that can ruin the moment. Surely an experienced seasoned wedding photographer can help you bring things back on track so there is no reason to fret. Otherwise, the expression will be visible in your photos.

Have the proper way of makeup application. The difference between a good picture and the perfect one can be spelled by the colors or tones applied on your face. Make sure to schedule a consultation with a professional make-up artist before your big day.

Weddings in Perth, Western Australia and Beyond!

Australia’s North West from Exmouth to Broome and beyond! The Northern winter or dry season is April to September and boasts long days of blue skies and beautiful sunshine, some would say this is the perfect WA weather! However many European visitors will wait for the summer wet season where the temperatures are in the mid 30s and you can experience a balmy combination of heat, humidity and sunshine!

Below the Tropic of Capricorn in the south the weather is far less dramatic, with Perth enjoying more sunny days in a year than any other capital city in the country! Because of this beautiful weather Western Australia has built up a reputation for fine food and world-famous wine regions, and overall needs no explanation as to why it would be the perfect place for you to organise your destination wedding. Whether you are from Western Australia, interstate or abroad there are so many advantages to getting married in Perth, the internet is a wonderful place and you can do a little research to find out about Perth and WA to choose the perfect wedding venue and location for your big day!

The Coral Coast; Experience the whitest sand and the bluest ocean that plays host to some of the most breathtaking and exotic marine life in the world! You can find Ningaloo Reef, the world heritage listed site that is awesome for fishing and diving, one of the few places that you can swim with a whale shark, be sure to extend your wedding into a honeymoon – what an amazing thing to do after your big day! With a wide selection of fabulous wedding venues and accommodation to suit your personalities and number of guests you will be sure to have plenty of choice.

Australia’s North West; home to the world-famous Kimberley, a true desert wilderness that offers an outback adventure for those four-wheel drive junkies! Be sure to stop off at the Bungle-Bungle Ranges, the Karijiini National Park and Lake Argyle on your tour of this region. Maybe you will choose The Billi Resort or Cable Beach Club in the North West near the town of Broome. These beautiful venues offer outstanding ceremony and reception settings.

South West; when you hear the name Margaret River the first thing that springs to mind is top-class wineries and scrumptious local produce. The perfect location for a wedding boasting spectacular views and idyllic settings for your ceremony and reception venue.

Perth; the gateway to the west. Direct flights to Perth airport make it easy to arrive both from international destinations and around Australia, you can arrive in the western capital via rail, taking the Indian-Pacific service that spans the entire country from sea to sea, you can hop on in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide and the whole journey would take 3 days. Might be the way to travel back after your wedding, a short honeymoon journey for the newly-weds. Alternatively, in the summer months you can get on board a coastal cruise as part of your honeymoon, much of WA including Perth, Broome and Esperance will feature on a world cruise itinerary.

Once you arrive in Perth this relaxed city spends most of its time with sunny blue skies and has so much to offer, with an exciting and young vibe you will be able to find something to suit you and all of your guests and create a truly unique experience for your wedding in Perth, WA. You can choose a beach or garden wedding and from an extensive list of venues like the Northbridge Hotel or Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. You can also take the trip over to Rottnest Island, an increasingly popular destination for weddings as there is a Chapel or Catholic Church as well as a selection of beautiful outdoor locations for your ceremony. The Rottnest Island Lodge and Aristos Waterfront venues can cater for all your reception needs.

Maybe you will venture inland to the Swan Valley where you will encounter the oldest wine region in Western Australia, also a fabulous location for a wedding in WA.

Say “I do” in Sydney, or Regional New South Wales.

There are so many locations available to you in this beautiful state from remote outback to Sydney and all along the coast of New South Wales!

Outback New South Wales; some of the most remote towns including Lightening Ridge, Tibooburra and Broken Hill can be found in outback NSW. The rugged landscape provides some stunning scenery for any event, with outstanding Aboriginal rock art and national parks covering most of the land.

The Broken Hill region would provide a unique and romantic setting for your outback wedding, you could choose from the Broken Hill sculpture park or if you are the adventurous type say ‘I do’ from the top of a historic mountain range.

Country NSW; if you are looking for a country themed wedding or fancy getting married next to the highest waterfall in Australia then you have come to the right place. The Wollomombi Falls in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park would be a spectacular location for your ceremony. Country New South Wales has so many gorgeous locations for you to choose from, make sure you add your own little country twist to your bridesmaid outfits with the addition of cute cow-girl boots!

Be sure to check out Corowa, Deneiquin and Moama, you can hire a houseboat for your honeymoon on the Murray River, an amazing and romantic experience, or for something really different why not hire a boat big enough for all of your guests and get married on board.

Hunter Valley; if you and your guests enjoy good food, good wine and stunning views then the Hunter Valley would be the perfect place for your destination wedding! With vineyards in abundance and garden weddings becoming ever more popular you will be spoilt for venues in these wonderful surroundings.

With famous wineries such as Lindemans and Wyndham Estate offering wedding packages to suit all, you can get married on the banks of the Hunter River or amongst the vines in this picture perfect location, the ideal setting to create fantastic memories.

North Coast; the Northern Coast of New South Wales is home to some of the most popular beaches in Australia, stretching from Byron Bay to Newcastle, you can follow the Pacific Coast route and be astounded by the delights of Lennox Head, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Port Stephens! All of these beautiful coastal towns are fabulous holiday destinations and would make the ideal location for a beach wedding in Australia.

Check out the Aanuka Beach Resort perfect for an elopement package or a small wedding, they also have several ceremony locations to choose from so that you can have things just the way you wish for, they have a stunning resort chapel or you could get married on the lawn by the beach!

Snowy Mountains; this is the perfect location for the adventurous bride and groom looking for some winter wedding inspiration and a celebration that is flourishing with snowflakes, blue skies and après-ski! You could even arrive at your ceremony or reception on a husky led sleigh or even on your skis depending on how skilled you are so that you don’t get your outfit covered in snow!

The aptly named Snowy Mountains home to the well-known snow fields of Thredbo, Perisher and Charlotte Pass have so many hotels and resorts that would be the ideal, check out The Station at Jindabyne or Lake Crackenback Resort for two fabulous options for a winter wedding!

Lord Howe Island; located about 600km off the North coast of NSW this World Heritage listed haven is home to some of the most amazing species of flower, crystal clear water that is great for exploring the underwater marine life and the rare coral that makes up the island’s marine park!

This island would make an exclusive location for your wedding as there can only be 400 visitors at any one time. Consider the Capella Lodge as a place of serenity for your big day, whether you go for an intimate elopement or book the entire resort this place of beauty will be sure to provide the perfect backdrop.

Sydney; this amazing city would be a spectacular location for your wedding no matter what style or size you choose. Maybe you will have the Opera House or Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background of your ceremony or perhaps these will be the scene for your fabulous wedding photographs. This bustling metropolis has wedding planners, wedding accessories and Sydney wedding photographers in their hundreds; you will be spoilt for choice and will need to do some specific research to create the perfect occasion.

Sydney harbour and the romance that surrounds it is simply remarkable, combine that with a unique wedding venue and you will have yourself the perfect day! Sydney harbour wedding cruises are a fantastic idea for a wedding that you and your guests will never forget! You can choose from a small boat up to the Harbour Ballroom or the Sydney Showboat, both able to accommodate up to 350 guests – obviously your choice will be dependent on your budget and the number of people you will have with you on your big day!

Celebrate in Adelaide and South Australia.

The entire state of South Australia boasts long, warm summers from December to February and mild temperatures throughout autumn and winter. The state’s capital Adelaide is the gateway to the Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island, and is easily accessible by air. It is also home to a small population of just over a million people Adelaide is classed as one of the most liveable cities in Australia.

Adelaide City; with its cafe culture lifestyle and diverse mix of people the city has a modern feel and an amazing variety of cuisine. With the choice of the Hills and Beach within half an hour drive of the city and state heritage listed parklands surrounding it this wonderful place can make a fabulous destination for your wedding.

The city prides itself on the many ‘green’ initiatives and set up as Australia’s most sustainable city; this is therefore the ideal place to hold an eco-friendly wedding. Bring in some natural elements to your big day, make sure that you pick native flowers that are in season, beeswax or soy candles for your decorations and choose bonbonniere gift ideas that your guests can take home and use time and time again to minimise their negative impact on the environment.

Adelaide Hills, Barossa & Clare Valley; boasting stunning views across the Valleys the Adelaide Hills has so much to offer, known as one of the finest areas for cool-climate grapes there are charming boutique wineries in abundance. The Lane Vineyard, Bridgewater Mill and the Stirling Hotel are amongst the many places that make the Adelaide hills the perfect spot for your wedding or reception venue.

The fresh produce is just one of the things that might pull you towards the Barossa Valley for your wedding venue! You can also follow the butcher, baker & winemaker trails to check out some of the culinary delights on offer in this special place – a great excuse for a trip to SA before the big day!

Looking for a more intimate setting for your wedding ceremony, then head to the Care Valley, there are many cute bed & breakfasts in this area and some stunning locations to get those perfect shots of you in your wedding dress in the South Australia scenery.

Flinders Ranges & The Outback; perhaps for the more adventurous this will be on the list of possible destinations for your adventure honeymoon. Pack up the camper-trailer and head off into the dusty red desert. Keep your eyes open for wedge-tailed eagles and lazy lizards along your journey into the wilderness and you will be sure to get some fantastic photographs of the bush backdrop.

Maybe you are a couple that just love the country, if an outback setting for your wedding is more up your street then why not seek somewhere like the Arkaba Station, a wild bush luxury resort on the southern edge of the Finders Range National Park. Choose for your wedding in the ranges from a ridge top dinner to a woolshed venue, or boutique heritage homestead to a deluxe swag for two and camping under the stars! With 4WD trips, hot air balloon rides, viewing the local wildlife, mountain biking and many other adventurous activities to keep your guests amused this is the perfect location for your outback destination wedding.

Kangaroo Island; just a Kangaroo’s jump away from Adelaide this island is a true sanctuary of wildlife and tranquillity with untouched bushland and immaculate beaches. You can choose from a waterfront location or head to the West of the island to the Wilderness Retreat for an intimate ceremony. Rest assured that your guests will be well fed and watered on this amazing island, due to its location in South Australia a state that is renowned for its produce and preparation, Kangaroo Island is one of the must-do food and wine experiences in Australia that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

The Murray River; there are two river regions on the Murray in South Australia, known as the Riverland and the Murray lands both great locations to begin your adventure. Why not experience the romance of this mysterious river aboard a houseboat, you can hire your own for an intimate celebration or take all of your guests on board a serviced boat like the Proud Mary, get married and hold your reception on the Murray River!

This is such an amazing place for all of the family, consider it one big waterpark with boat ramps along the way for you to launch your own or hire a boat, jet-ski, water skis or wakeboard. For the more relaxed approach grab your kayak or canoe and drift down stream in the wonderful outdoors.

Getting Married in Melbourne.

The city of Melbourne is made up of the city centre and a number of precincts and inner-city suburbs, each with their own character and charm. Renowned for its art and culture, live music, dining variety and shopping, Melbourne has a wealth of opportunity for you and your guests when you choose this wonderful city for your wedding.

The city ‘Laneways’ are famous for their back street corridors covered in graffiti making an awesome backdrop for your wedding photography, and there is nothing stopping you from saying your vows in front of your favourite piece of art.

With parks and gardens in abundance this city welcomes the garden wedding trend, and offers a huge selection of intimate settings for your nuptials. From the rotunda in Alexandra Gardens to the Old Cheese Factory in Berwick, there are hundreds of beautiful spots in Melbourne for your garden ceremony, and hotels and venues of all different styles to carry on into the evening for your reception.

Docklands; in the early 90s this disused port and rail area was transformed into a modern urban waterfront. In the Docklands, where the city of Melbourne meets the water you will find the perfect location for your inner-city wedding. You can choose from a heap of function venues to suit your wedding, cocktail packages to formal sit down receptions, you will find all that you could wish for with the city as your backdrop.

Yarra Valley; this picturesque area surrounding the Yarra River is one of Australia’s leading wine-producing regions, with wineries in abundance you can discover a whole world of beauty from art galleries to restaurants, markets and more. If you are looking for a winery for your wedding then you have certainly come to the right place, the Yarra Valley has some amazing venues to choose from including the Yering Station Winery and Rochford Winery.

If you’re looking for an intimate venue for your closest family and friends then you could try Stones of the Yarra Valley, they offer a stunning Chapel, Dairy and Barn combination all intertwined with paths and luscious green gardens making a perfect setting for your wedding photographs.

Mornington Peninsula; to the east of Melbourne and below the eastern suburbs you will find the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, this picture perfect piece of land is covered in rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves all within a stone’s throw of the ocean.

With the pretty seaside villages from Mornington and Dromana along Port Phillip Bay and down to Sorrento if you are planning a beach wedding then these beautiful locations will certainly fit the bill, in the summer months you can expect gorgeous weather, creating some stunning backdrops for your wedding. Perhaps you would prefer to take in the views from higher ground; Arthur’s Seat is one of the most popular locations on the peninsula for hilltop weddings.

Phillip Island; connected to the mainland by bridge from the town of San Remo to the Island town of Newhaven, Phillip Island is located less than 2 hours away from the city and is easily accessible from across the whole of Victoria. Tempered by the ocean breeze the island tends to experience milder weather all year-round, making it a wonderful place for a summer wedding that is not too hot!

Great Ocean Road; travelling this famous stretch of road is one of Victoria’s greatest highlights, from Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula all the way along to Warrnambool you will see some spectacular sights and take in some breathtaking scenery.

Planning your wedding in this part of the country leaves everything to the imagination; you could consider Apollo Bay as a central point, or beautiful Lorne where you could marry in the gorgeous settings of the Lorne Beach Pavilion, this is in the perfect position to allow a beach ceremony followed by a sit down reception or cocktail event in the cafe or restaurant right on the beach front.

If you are looking for somewhere completely different then why no rent the famous Pole House, in Fairhaven, it could be a place to retreat to as your bridal suite or perhaps as a location for your actual wedding, ideal if you are only having your close friends and family.

Your Wedding in the Northern Territory

From the coast to the red centre the Northern Territory has so much to offer. With a landscape like no other stretching from Australia’s famous monolith Uluru, to the Barkly Tablelands and the Tropical North where wetlands and waterfalls cut through the national parks to create a stunning backdrop for any wedding photograph. Make sure that you take some time out to meet the locals and soak in the rich aboriginal culture and history, be mindful to watch out for some other locals like the crocodile!

Darwin & Surrounds; with its tropical outdoor lifestyle, beautiful harbour scenery, surrounded with World War II history and its cuisine heavily influenced by their nearby Asian neighbours, Darwin is a true adventure paradise for you and your guests.

Renowned for its sunset markets, if you need to pick up a last minute gift for the bride and groom, or grab some final wedding decorations then you’ve come to the right place as you can expect to see arts and crafts in abundance here! For a truly unique wedding experience you could take in a Darwin Harbour Cruise or discover the Melville and Bathurst Islands, (Tiwi Islands) on tropical sailing journey. Say “I do” on-board a private catamaran!

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground then Darwin also has some amazing hotels and resorts that can cater for all of your needs to create the perfect wedding in Darwin! The amazing Sky City has some fantastic wedding packages on offer to help you plan your big day!

Kakadu & Arnhem Land; in this stunning location you can witness world heritage-listed scenery and outstanding rock art, Australia’s largest national park features cascading waterfalls, giant crocodiles and exotic birds! Check out the Wilderness Safari Retreat for some exclusive bush luxury, you can speak to the lodge team about arranging your wedding in Bamurru Plains, an amazing marriage amongst the wildlife.

Perhaps for the more adventurous this is somewhere to consider for your honeymoon, you could hire a campervan and takes the Nature’s Way Tourism Drive for a romantic adventure! Experience the Mamukala Wetlands, Nourlangie Rock, Jim Jim and Twin Falls along the way, what an amazing way to start your married lives together.

Katherine & Surrounds; the Katherine region extends from the Queensland border in the east to the Kimberly region in the west and is a wonderful gateway to nature and adventure. Perhaps the more remote areas like Elsley National Park would not be ideal for your ceremony but certainly your honeymoon of adventure might start with a bushwalk over the spectacular Katherine Gorge! You could hire a car and go on the drive of your life, crossing the Daley river and onto the Douglas Daley area, off into Butterfly Gorge and explore the many waterholes and hot springs that natures beauty has to offer.

There are heaps of wedding venues in the area including Knotts Crossing, secluded amongst tropical gardens near Katherine River is the perfect location for your wedding in the Northern territory.

Alice Springs & Uluru; famous for the personality of its locals, their love for contemporary art and traditional aboriginal influence along with all the natural wonders around it, Alice Springs is the gateway to your outback adventure and a true Australian wedding location.

You could consider a romantic hot air balloon ride over the West McDonnell Ranges for a unique red centre experience. Maybe you could convince your Alice Springs celebrant to go up with you and say your vows in the sky. Venture out to the spiritual heart of Australia and experience the one true gemstone that is Uluru, also known by the name Ayers rock this awesome sight is a must see. With its extraordinary display of ever-changing colours, you simply cannot miss the natural show at both sunset and sunrise, just amazing!

Voyages and Ayers Rock resort offer a choice of apartments, a luxury wilderness camp, hotel, backpacker rooms or campground accommodation! You can choose whichever style suits your needs, and your guests, however the Longitude 131° offers a truly wonderful experience for your nuptials. In 5-star luxury you and your guests will have private views of the sunset and sunrise over Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, what an amazing way to start your married lives together in awe of Australia’s most amazing rock.

Getting Married in Tropical Queensland.

With sunny days in abundance and a year round temperate climate, Queensland really does have so much to offer and countless places to visit! No matter what type of adventure or Queensland wedding you are seeking you will be sure to find something to suit your style. With a variety of terrain from rainforest to ocean, outback to reef you can be sure to tailor a fantastic package to suit you and your guests anywhere in QLD!

Cairns & Great Barrier Reef; this is Queensland’s Tropical North where you will find thousands of locations for a wedding and discover a place that is full of natural wonders and beauty! Cairns City, gateway to some spectacular scenery from rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef with the village of Port Douglas offering a more sophisticated, low-key escape. This is an extremely popular place for couples looking for a more intimate wedding to elope to and there are so many amazing deals available in this part of Australia.

Perhaps you are looking for a unique spin on your wedding, and well this is one of the most renowned places in the world for scuba-diving. You could even go completely different and say ‘I do’ amongst the coral, you would have to hold up cards of acceptance to your vows at an underwater wedding but what a magical and unusual way to get married!

The Daintree Forest is also a must see, the oldest surviving tropical rainforest on earth is home to an astounding amount of plants and species of animals. You can get an indigenous guide to give you a tour to find out more about the culture and history of the surrounding area and its people.

Townsville; this beautiful coastal region has such a diverse terrain, with the ocean reefs in the east and the outback in the west the opportunities for exploring are simply endless. The town of Townsville is at the centre of all that is on offer, you should take a trip up Castle Hill to take in the views of the city and the nearby Magnetic Island. This tropical island offers some outstanding resorts and is a wonderful destination for a beach wedding with the perfect setting for a unique escape. Getting to the island is only a short 25 minute cruise across the bay, a beautiful way to begin our journey.

Be sure to think about your honeymoon in this area too, perhaps the more adventurous might take the Great Tropical Drive, a self-driving route that will take you from Cairns and Townsville to some amazing places in Tropical Australia. Take in Charters Towers and sample outback life at a cattle station farm stay or see the historic gold milling site at Venus Battery. Ravenswood is another old gold mining town well worth a look.

The Whitsundays; the 74 island wonders that make up the Whitsundays are mostly uninhabited and provide the perfect setting for a day of exploring or simply relaxing on the secluded beaches and coves.

Airlie Beach is the gateway to these stunning islands and the epitome of a beach town, with a carefree vibe and packed full of palm-fringed beaches, waterfront parks, restaurants and bars. The after dark backpacker and travelling vibe is full of energy and most will party to the early hours before embarking on a party boat or organised cruise.

Be sure to take in Whitehaven Beach, this 4 mile stretch of pure white silica sand has been voted one of the best beaches in the world. If you have a little more budget to play with then why not take a romantic flight over heart reef, a stunning collection of coral that has naturally formed into the shape of a heart and looks amazing from the sky above.

The resort islands include the Hayman Island, one of the top luxury destinations for weddings and honeymoons. Hamilton Island, this is the largest inhabited island and has an airport making it easily accessible for both families and couples. Daydream, Lindeman, Brampton, Long, Hook and South Molle Island are scattered across this beautiful ocean, all offering an array of resort accommodation to suit your personal preference.

Fraser Coast; this wonderful region is filled with some of the word’s greatest attractions and beautiful scenery. If you can plan your wedding between June and November then the perfect treat for you and your guests would be to venture to Hervey bay and take a trip on the water to see the humpback whales that frequent this water during this time.

Just a short ferry ride from Hervey Bay is the outstanding Fraser Island, you can arrange your own way across or join a tour to take you along the highway of sand and the tracks that lead you to some spectacular lakes and waterholes including Lake McKenzie with its crystal clear freshwater.

You will also find the eco-friendly resort of Kingfisher Bay, if you are planning a wedding with them then they offer discounts on guest accommodation, advice about hens and bucks nights on the island along with a special wedding package and honeymoon visit all in one.

Brisbane; this cosmopolitan city has some top-notch restaurants, cafes and bars. From the river to the coast this green city has the perfect climate, with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year you would be unlucky not to have the sun shining on your wedding day. From the Brisbane River to views of the Storey Bridge there are so many places to visit in the locally known ‘Brissy’.

If you are looking for something alternative, then why not hop on board The Kookaburra Queen from Eagle Street Pier, this beautiful paddle wheeler boat is an icon of the Brisbane River and will offer you an experience you will never forget! You can also check out the Brisbane Powerhouse, with their rooftop terrace offering a unique space for a memorable event. Or the XXXX Brewery has a wedding package to suit any beer lover and their guests.

The Sunshine Coast; just north of Brisbane, this beautiful stretch of beach from Caloundra to Noosa has so much on offer with sparkling water and breathtaking scenery what more could you wish for to create your perfect wedding. Noosa Heads is one of the most popular destinations for a wedding in Australia. With pristine beaches and stylish settings, it is the perfect spot for a beach ceremony or your wedding reception.

Often weddings held in the region will bring family and friends from all over Australia and the globe to help you celebrate in style. After the wedding celebrations are over, your guests may wish to extend their stay and take advantage of this holiday haven. With resorts like Oceans Mooloolaba and Out-rigger Noosa you will be spoilt for choice!

Now that you have picked the perfect location and venue for your wedding you can start to organise the fun stuff! Whether you are based in Australia or overseas there are so many resources available to you locally for your wedding dress choices, decoration ideas and of course your bonbonniere personalised gifts – be sure to check out ideas that offer a direct postage service so that if you are travelling you can arrange for your wedding gifts to be there when you arrive.

Happy planning!

Finding a truly Australian wedding gift, personalised bonbonniere or wedding favour ideas can be quite a task. Tradition says that the bride and groom should provide a thank you gift to all of their guests for making the effort to attend their wedding and for sharing their special day. Why not go for a real ‘Aussie’ favourite and design your very own personalised wedding stubby holders, you can even add individual guest names to each product for a very unique and personal gift!

Whichever location you choose for your wedding you can rest assured that you and your guests will experience a wealth of fantastic scenery, blue skies and hours of sunshine! This alone can give you inspiration for your Coolaz wedding stubby holders, you could include a photograph of where you are getting married, your favourite beach location or simply your names and the date to match your wedding style, theme or colours.

Maryland Wedding Videos and Venues

One of the most beautiful states to be married in is Maryland. There are endless prospects for your wedding having picturesque backgrounds. Scenic Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay provide a spectacular view of the ocean, many locations on the Appalachians have stunning mountain vistas, and the rolling foothills of the Catoctin mountains provide breath-taking natural backdrops and greenery. As you select the best venue for your special day, featured in this guide are various wedding venues in Maryland, and also tips on choosing the best wedding videographer for preserving your special day as a high quality wedding video.

Weddings at Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County

The Brookside Gardens is a state park located in Montomery County. This park features well over 50 acres of cultivated gardens. This park schedules receptions and weddings. Dream that your nuptial is set in so many lively acres of gorgeous floral arrangements. You will feel more at ease knowing your big day is captured by the best wedding videographer to reflect upon your scenic wedding, because this moment will last forever as you commit it to video.

Weddings at Holly Hills Golf Club Review

Found in Frederick city and a short distance from Washington DC and Baltimore is the Holly Hills Golf Club. This beautifully manicured area is found near the Catoctin mountain and features vivid mountain sights. This Holly Hills Golf Club invites wedding and reception bookings and contains hundreds of photo-opportunistic backdrops for high quality photo and video sessions. Do you want a wedding venue which features first-class service, responsiveness, with professionals, flexibility and a great value of price? The Holly Hills Golf Club was judged with the esteemed Bride’s Choice award by Wedding Wire, a respected company that rates various wedding venues.

Weddings in Chesapeake Bay Luxury Wedding Resort Review

Would you prefer the stunning surrounding of the Atlantic ocean for their venue. Try Chesapeake Bay Luxury Wedding Resort. Boasting spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay, this location maintains a majestic ballroom and endless opportunities for photo and video sessions that you will love.

Maryland Wedding Videos

To remember this most happy day of your life, consider recording this day forever with high quality, professional wedding videography. A professional Maryland Wedding Videographer will provide their best work in a portfolio. The best wedding videographers in Maryland must be flexible, and able to schedule any location in Maryland which includes Chesapeake Bay, the Washington DC area, Montgomery County and all locations within Maryland.

What to Look For in a Wedding Videographer

A great wedding videographer in Maryland must flexible to travel to your wedding venue wherever it is located in Maryland. An excellent wedding videographer is personable and needs to bring out the laughter with your guests, helping them to record the greatest moments on video. The best wedding videographer should know good techniques of filming, including good lighting and the best angles to record these joyous times with the best views. Your wedding video professional can suggest ways for interacting with your wedding guests to get the best wedding video. You have put many things in this special day, choose the best wedding videographer to capture your memorable moments for all time.

If you want to find the most meaningful speech ever written for television, the One Tree Hill wedding speech is one of those speeches that will touch your heart. Sophia Bush as Brooke delivered it on the show. It is the most meaningful wedding speech because it will give you an idea about how love should survive all the odds that can come between a couple.

One Tree Hill Wedding Speech: The Gist

The One Tree Hill wedding speech focuses on how two people join as one to battle all the obstacles that may come their way. Brooke delivered it in such a way that the union reminded her of how powerful love can be against all odds.
In addition, she talked about the safety of the relationship that a wedded couple has regarding fidelity and loyalty. She also spoke of the fears that she had when it came to her own relationship. She also said that she might never find a relationship as strong as that of the couple.
She quoted Shakespeare’s sayings that love does not aim to change the person. It brings out the best in the person despite of his or her imperfections as a human being. It accepts all the shortcomings and helps the people involved to become better on their own terms.
The One Tree Hill wedding speech is an inspiring speech because it gives you an idea about how love should really be. However, it does have a sad connotation because of the character delivered it.
Perhaps, this is because of the things, which were happening, in her personal life during that time. She was happy for the couple but said these things at the same time because of what was happening to her relationship.

One Tree Hill Wedding Speech: The Deeper Meaning

This speech shows that everything has a reason for existence, and you do not find a person in your life without a reason. People touch you in every possible way when they come into your life.
It is a perfect wedding speech because it does not only show the love between two people, but also shows the love between friends and how it affects the people around them. If you can convey this message through your speech, you will be much appreciated by the couple that had invited you to their wedding.

The One Tree Hill wedding speech is the perfect wedding speech because it summarizes everything that the speaker feels about the people involved in the wedding in just a few sentences. This proves that you do not have to think of long speeches to be able to say what you want to say during a wedding.

Thank you for the time you spent with me reading this article about One Tree Hill wedding speech! I’d also love to meet you on my blog to have a chance to tell you more about wedding speeches – actually you could start by browsing the category page for wedding speeches examples right away – you will want to share it with others.

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Weddings are perhaps one of the most important occasions in a couple’s life. It symbolizes the beginning of their new life together and it only happens once, in most cases anyway. A wedding is the ultimate celebration of a couple’s love and it should be remembered forever. There is no better way of capturing those memories than through pictures. Wedding photography Brisbane offers couples some of the best options for wedding photography ideas. If you want a photo shoot before your wedding with the love of your life, you can hire a photographer and choose a location you want, like the beach or a field filled with flowers, whatever your preference, there is always something in store for you.

On the day of the wedding itself, your wedding photographer is going to be really busy capturing every moment of the event. This is why it is important to employ the services of a wedding photography crew that you trust, after all, you’re only going to get married once and you want to be able to capture all those treasured moments in still photos. Even if you hire a videographer, there is something about still photo memories that make the day extra special. So a reliable wedding photography Brisbane crew is indispensable on the biggest occasion of your life.

Wherever the location of your wedding is, be it by the beach, in a big church, or a small chapel on the hill, wedding photography Brisbane will take care of all your needs and make sure that all the important memories are captured. You can also choose from digital photography to film photography depending on your preference, you have to keep in mind though, that film photography is more expensive than digital as film is expensive and there is no such thing as a “delete” button to remove a shot that was taken badly. Most wedding photographers rarely need retakes but the advantages of digital photography is that photographers can take as many photos as they want and choose the best ones later, whereas in film photography, they have to print out everything first before they can choose which ones are the best. Your wedding photographer will probably take hundreds of shots on the big day and you are probably only going to want some of these shots, not all of them, which is why it is important to hire a reliable wedding photography Brisbane crew.

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